Networking Results

James Jacobi

"The format was well planned out by NHBG & executed perfectly. Wyndham knew who we were, what we do & how we can help them achieve a larger presence in their organization.  Great success & was honored to be a part of it the more I meet with members, the more I can appreciate the wonderful work NHBG is doing.

-James Jacobi
Director of Operations
Padilla Construction Services Inc.

Carlos Mallol, D.B.A., P.E.

"I would rate it 10. I liked that Wyndham had in the room high ranking executives with decision making power. The environment, of a limited group also contributed. For future events, I think it may help if a summary of the companies is presented before hand in print, say half page per each, summarizing what they do and how they can help the client."

-Carlos Mallol, D.B.A., P.E. 
Sr. Vice-President 
CSA Group


Catherine Leidersdorff

"After our annual meeting I spoke with William Hoy from Wyndham for a while.  That resulted in an opportunity for my team to have lunch and learn presentation for his design team.  Clearly this opportunity would not have been possible without our networking event.  I think this exemplifies exactly what the NHBG is attempting to achieve with its networking events."

-Catherine Leidersdorff
Architectural Flooring Resource, Inc